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21 Day Online Mixed Intensive with Debbie & Hugh

Guiding your inner teenager to freedom

29th August - 19th September 2023

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This intensive is in the creative process and details will be posted soon. in the meantime, here is an overview of the practicalities.

Practical Information:   

The course includes:

  • The programme starts at 7 pm UK / 8 pm CEST on Tuesday 29th August via live Webinar*. We will gather on line for an opening ceremony which will include an intention setting ritual.

  • There will then be live Webinars every 7 days on Tuesday 5th & 12th September at 7 pm UK / 8 pm CEST which last @ 1hr 30 mins - 2 hours. 

  • On the other days you will receive a daily email. These will offer practices and/or inspiration to deepen your inquiry with the aspects for that week.

  • We will conclude via Webinar at 7 pm UK / 8 pm CEST time on Tuesday 19th September with a closing ceremony to support the integration of your journey’s wisdom into your life.

  • In total there are 4 webinar calls during the programme. The Webinars will be recorded so you can catch up if you miss any and can also re-listen to them as many times as you want.

  • On the live Webinars, there will be an opportunity to share insights and wisdom with each other.

  • You will be facilitated and guided by Debbie Beauchamp and Hugh Newton during the Intensive.

  • All participants will be connected via a closed Facebook group. This will be a sacred space to share and support each other as we journey together.

  • Throughout the duration of the course, we will connect to the healing, wholing and holy power of the circle, where the mystery connects and flows

To register email:

The online Intensive is created and co-facilitated by Debbie Beauchamp and Hugh Newton. Hugh is a Mankind co-leader and was an accredited Shadow Work Facilitator and Coach. He worked as Head of Programs and Training at A Band of Brothers for 6 years and now runs his own training company. Click to find out more. Debbie is is co-director and facilitator of leading edge contemporary inner growth work for women and men which includes the Celebration of Woman and Noble Man experience. Debbie is also a BACP accredited counsellor and family constellation facilitator.  Click to find out more.

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Testimonials from previous participants on co-facilitated Intensives:

"Debbie and Hugh provided a safe and gentle space to feel my gathering wounds fully. The workshop was facilitated online with space to understand my inner loving father is available and there for me unconditionally. I felt empowered to let go of past resentment and a new fresh embodiment of a supportive inner loving father that consistently holds my emotions. Very grateful to Debbie and Hugh for such a sacred and well held temple."


"I knew for a long time that working on my father daughter wound would be of benefit to me, though it felt like such a big wound to step in that I almost didn’t dare to do so - so when I saw the Temple for Healing the Father Daughter Relationship coming up through Celebration of Being I felt the calling to step into the circle.

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