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21 Day Online Women's Temple
with Debbie and Hugh

Transforming the Mother-Daughter relationship
Cultivating a healthy Mother within

13th March - 3rd April 2023



"By embracing your mother wound as your yoga,
you transform what has been a hindrance in your life
into a teacher of the heart"

Phillip Moffitt

Dear Women,

You are invited to cultivate a deep, loving, and nurturing inner relationship with the Mother archetype.  

The Mother is the first female figure in a daughter's life who shapes how she relates to herself, women and also her inner relationship to the feminine qualities. This relationship will have strongly influenced how you grew into womanhood and whether you have fully embraced your power as a woman. You have access to an inner archetypal Mother, and this connection can transform your experience with your mother. It can also break the chain that the patriarchal system has had on you and your female lineage.

A healthy mother can be a role model and guide to her daughter on what it means to be a woman. She demonstrates how to be in the world of emotion, how to create healthy boundaries, how to relate to men and stand in her truth as a woman. She also shows her daughter how to love, care and nurture herself. 

During the Temple, we will bring awareness, love, and compassion to transform your inner relationship with the feminine qualities and cultivate a relationship with the inner Mother archetype. You will be invited to embrace the “good enough Mother” inside who can then offer support to your inner child and teenager. We will use Gaia, the Earth, mother of all life to support our journey with earth-based practices.

By deepening the relationship with the healthy inner Mother you will create a safe and protective environment in which your inner child and teenager can blossom. This will strengthen the foundation for you as a woman to emerge more powerfully into your feminine essence. 

Our journey will be experiential and we will use daily practice to explore creatively using dialogue, movement, nature, and play. You will then ground your insights and learnings through action.

During the Temple you will:

  • Explore through the eyes of love and compassion your relationship with your own mother, from the perspective of both your inner child and maiden/teenager to highlight the "blueprint" that was created by your mothering.

  • Cultivate a loving relationship with the inner Mother archetype to heal the past and create a safe and nurturing environment for your inner child and maiden/teenager.

  • Release anger, sadness, shame or fear you are still carrying from the past around your mother.

  • Transform beliefs, values, and misunderstandings that don't serve you. 

  • Embrace your feminine qualities and utilise them to support you to emerge more powerfully into your feminine essence.

We will use ceremony, ritual, and meditation to create a sacred circle and a powerful field for transformation.  

This Temple is for women, and no previous experience is needed. 

This Temple allows us to explore and practice together, connect, grow, heal and deepen in community. Come and take your seat in the circle as we deep dive into the wisdom of connection with the healthy Mother within.

Email Debbie at

Full cost £175, £149 if booked by 27th February

Practical Information:
The course includes:


  • The programme starts at 7 pm UK / 8 pm CEST on Monday 13th March via live Webinar*. We will gather online for an opening ceremony which will include an intention setting ritual.

  • There will then be live Webinars every 7 days on Monday 20th & 27th March at 7 pm UK / 8 pm CEST which last @ 1hr 30 mins - 2 hours. 

  • We will conclude via Webinar at 7 pm UK / 8 pm CEST time on Monday 3rd April with a closing ceremony to support the integration of your journey’s wisdom into your life.

  • On other days you will receive a daily email. These will offer practices and inspiration to deepen your inquiry for that week.

  • In total, there are 4 webinar calls during the programme. The Webinars will be recorded so that you can catch up if you miss any and can also re-listen to them as many times as you want.

  • On the live Webinars there will be an opportunity to share insights and wisdom with each other.

  • You will be co-facilitated and guided by Debbie Beauchamp.

  • You will have the option to will be connected via a closed Facebook group. This will be a sacred space to share and support each other as we journey together.


Throughout the duration of the course, we will connect to the healing, wholing, and holy power of the circle, where the mystery connects and flows.

Cost £175 early booking discount £149, if you registered by 27th February. Please contact me if you require a concession or payment plan. Email -

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