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About Debbie

Debbie Beauchamp

MBACP Accredited


Debbie has immersed herself in transformational personal development following her divorce in 2000. She found herself in the depth of despair and unhappiness, alone with 3 daughters under the age of 8, and asked herself the question, “What is life about?”. She has been dedicated to that question and exploring life to discover what it is to lead a passionate, loving, fulfilling life. Her quest is to live as love and embrace each moment as it is.

Since 2000 Debbie has transitioned from a successful international career in banking to follow her heart’s calling to become a counsellor and workshop facilitator. After qualifying as a counsellor in 2009 she gained her accreditation with British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2011.


Debbie is a qualified person-centered therapist, systemic family constellations facilitator, couples counsellor and children’s play therapist. She also has a depth of personal experiences to draw on and uses meditation and mindfulness to support her continued desire to live in the present moment. Debbie draws on all of these to provide an integrative approach that uses the healing power of love, compassion and acceptance. When clients receive this, it allows them to find their own inner voice and wisdom. And they are then empowered to make healthy choices in their lives.


Debbie has specialized in working with sexual trauma, both past and present, since 2009. When trauma is experienced, it impacts not only a person’s nervous system, but their entire experience of life, their beliefs about themselves, others, and the world. An important part of the healing and integration process is the exploration of the beliefs and behaviour patterns created to protect at a time of the crisis. We honour them, and see if they are still needed now. This exploration can transform a client’s experience and allow new healthy beliefs and behaviours, leading them to reclaim aspects of themselves that may have been lost or hidden Debbie is committed to her clients’ freedom, and honours the relationship that is created.

Debbie has recently moved to Frome and is setting up home with her partner, soon to be, husband.

Some of the tools/techniques Debbie uses and is trained in:


  • British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Accredited Person-centered counsellor

  • Relate Institute couples counselling

  • Play therapy and inner child work

  • Advanced Training in Hellinger Systemic Family Constellations (

  • Babette Rothschild 1 year Trauma training

  • Basic Shadow Work Facilitator training

  • Mindfulness

  • Insight and Essence leadership training

  • Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Active meditations

  • Bio-energetics

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Contact Me

Phone:  +44 7810 156739



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