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Transformational Workshops

Debbie and Gina Holland are UK Directors and facilitators of Celebration of Being in the UK. Celebration of Being is on the cutting edge of contemporary inner growth work. We are committed to providing an unforgettable journey into the depth and beauty of your inner being, especially through the doorway of intimate man-woman relationships. Our Rites of Passage workshops are designed to heal the wounds that are keeping you separate from yourself and from the opposite gender. You will discover your true essential femininity and masculinity and come to celebrate who you really are.


We honour each individual’s unique essence, our work promotes an embodied, integrated spirituality, embraces all aspects of our human experience and holds a safe space for the tender opening of every heart and the healing of man and woman.


This work is real, raw and will rock your soul!


Here are brief details of the workshops and you can click on the link to find out more:

Dear Women,


The journey starts with:


A Celebration of Woman

– The Goddess


Have you ever questioned what it means to be a woman in today’s world?
Do you have a longing to step into the power and beauty of the true feminine?
Do you wish to relax and be nourished by the deeper aspects of your own Feminine Being?
Are you ready to embrace your feminine radiance and innate wisdom?


In the Celebration of Woman Workshop you will:

  • Fall deeply in love with your feminine self

  • Claim your natural power to heal and be healed

  • Rest in your innate feminine power and confidence


To find out more, click here: A Celebration of  Woman


The journey can then continue with mixed gender work in The Noble Man or The Power of Love .

Dear Men,


The journey starts with:


The Noble Man



Have you ever felt disempowered or confused around women?
Do you wish to heal old wounds around your relationships with women?
Do you desire a deeper sense of connection and intimacy with women?
Do you wish to stand fully in your authentic masculine self?


In the Celebration of the Noble Man Workshop you will:

  • Learn to trust your true power and sense of purpose in the presence of the feminine

  • Release old wounds, fears and resentments towards women that keep you from being fully present

  • Learn that being open, available and present is undeniably attractive to women

  • Be able to have a fulfilling intimate relationship while staying true to yourself


To find out more, click here: The Noble Man.

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