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Individual Systemic Family Constellations

Constellations were developed by the German therapist Bert Hellinger. He discovered that sometimes, despite our best efforts over long periods of time, difficult problems persist in our lives. These enduring issues may have their origins and potential solutions in our unconscious relationship to our family system. Constellations provide a fresh and powerful way to understand and resolve these deeply felt, intensely personal issues.


Difficulties that can be profoundly transformed by constellations include:


  • Relationship problems between partners, parents and children

  • Parenting issues (including concerns about one's own children)

  • Divorce or separation

  • Inability to achieve what we want in life

  • Frustrations with work, career direction, money

  • Illness, disability, facing death, bereavement

  • Abuse, incest, rape

  • Persistent depression, anxiety or other emotional states

  • Addictions or other compulsive behaviours


Constellations help us to view our issues in the context of all our important relationships and loyalties. They reveal to us the ways we may be unconsciously entangled in relationships with others. In those entanglements, we may follow in the footsteps of another person, however costly that may be to ourselves. Alternatively, we may seek to compensate another person with a painful fate by denying ourselves. Through this gentle but powerful work, previously baffling dynamics can be brought to light and resolved. This enables participants to move towards freeing themselves from the forces that hinder their happiness and fulfillment.

What happens in an individual constellation?


In a one to one session Debbie will explore with her client the issue to gain clarity and focus. The client will then share details of their family history and potential entanglements will emerge that may be linked with the issue. From this exploration, a constellation will be set up. The constellation can be set up in a number of ways; with placemats, figures and using Debbie as a resource.


The session usually lasts 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

Cost in London (IG8 ORB:

£95 per hour, or part thereof before 6 pm. £110 per hour, or part thereof after 6 pm or at the weekend.

Cost in Frome: Frome (BA11 5JL):

£80 per hour, or part thereof before 6 pm. £95 per hour, or part thereof after 6 pm or at the weekend.

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