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Walking counselling

Walking counselling is a counselling session combined with walking in nature. 

The beautiful natural locations around Frome support you as you journey through them. The combination of nature, and walking in the fresh air allows more effortless engagement, processing and a feeling of groundedness as you explore what brings you to counselling. Nature also has its own wisdom to share.

The physical activity allows your energy to move and encourages tension to be released and your body to relax.  This stimulates new thoughts and ideas as you physically and metaphorically move forward. 


Our first session will be indoors so we can establish the boundaries of the counselling and discuss things like confidentiality and how we will negotiate encountering other people when we are out walking. We will also agree on how to handle the weather.  I’m not deterred by a bit of rain, but it is the client’s decision as to whether we change the location and have a session indoors at BA11 5JL, or online, via zoom. 

Walking counselling :


£60 per 45 minute walking session or one hour session indoors at BA11 5JL or online via zoom.

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