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A very warm welcome to Heart Counselling

My name is Debbie Beauchamp and I am an accredited counsellor and family constellations facilitator. I am also co-director of Celebration of Being, UK where I organise and facilitate transformational workshops. Here I've provided information about what I offer.


I provide counselling and workshops that allow clients to explore issues they are facing. I create a safe, loving, compassionate space that honours and respects them. The safety and presence allow us to explore what brings them to counselling. When we listen with open hearts things can be transformed, accepted and seen from a new perspective. I support clients to remember their natural essence and create a life that expresses all of who you are.


I have an extensive “tool box” of techniques from my training and personal experiences however the most powerful ones, in my opinion, are love and compassion.


Thank you for visiting and I hope we get to meet. If you have any questions or want to arrange an appointment please email me or give me a call +44 7810 156739.




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